Matrimonial Dissolution 

Finalizing a divorce is never easy and sometimes even hostile. At some point a decision about how to handle the family home must be made. At Fairmount Appraisal Services, we recommend utilizing our firm solely in order to determine the value of the family home. Retaining one appraisal firm agreed upon by both parties eliminates even the false notion of a biased opinion of value. The litigious nature of assignments such as this requires our expertise in not only the preparation of an accurate and reliable appraisal, but also in our ability to prevail in the voir dire, testimony, and cross examination.


Every state as well as the IRS has real estate appraisal requirements to settle the estate of a deceased party. Appraisals for estate settlements require a retroactive valuation that corresponds with the date of death of the decedent. Navigating the difficult and sensitive estate settlement process is made easier when you trust Fairmount Appraisal Services to provide you with the most accurate and reliable appraisal report.

Property Tax Appeal

It’s no secret that New Jersey pays the highest property taxes in the nation. All too often the assessment in which your property tax bill is based upon is inflated. Making a difficult situation even worse is the complex state tax assessor regulations leaving property owners at a distinct disadvantage when appealing their property taxes. We are fully versed in the regulations and techniques of the tax assessment process and can provide expert advice. Our accurate and reliable appraisal reports have been successfully used as evidence in fighting property assessments resulting in a reduction of property tax liabilities. Over the years, we have saved thousands of dollars for homeowners in tax appeals court.

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